List of Presidents of India in PDF

The President of India is the highest-ranking person of the Republic of India. He is the head of the administrative system of India and the head of the governors of the states. The President is not elected by the public but by the members of Parliament and state legislatures. In this post, you are being … Read more

Rajasthan Minister List 2024

Here we have been provided with the list of all the ministers of the new government in Rajasthan state in PDF. You can download this PDF directly from the given link. This list will be updated when new ministers are appointed. To prepare this list, our team has taken the help of the official website. … Read more

Praja Palana form Download PDF

telangana abhayahastam form pdf download, 6 guarantee scheme form pdf, 6 guarantees application form pdf download A new application called Praja Palan has been launched, which aims to collect public complaints and handle them effectively. Through this application, citizens can directly register their complaints and submit applications without the intervention of any middleman. Those who … Read more

Aditya Hridaya Stotra PDF Meaning

Aditya Hridaya Stotra has been made available in PDF form. If you want, you can download it directly. Aditya Hridaya Stotra, which becomes clear from the name, is a prayer to Lord Surya Dev. This prayer was recited by Maharishi Rishi Agastya. This prayer was said before the war between Shri Ram and Ravana. It … Read more

PNB ATM Card Application Form PDF Download

Do you need an ATM application form for PNB? If yes, then you can download this form from the link given in this post. If you want, you can get it by visiting the official website of Punjab National Bank or by visiting the nearest branch. But for your convenience, we are providing you with … Read more

IPL 2024 Auction Players List PDF

Here, the IPL 2024 auction players list has been made available to you in PDF form. If you want its complete list in PDF, then you can easily download it by clicking on the link given below. In this PDF file, the complete list of IPL cricket players is given, along with which team has … Read more

SBI RTGS form PDF Download

In this post, we are giving you the link to download the RTGS form which is used for transacting money in State Bank of India. Through Real Time Gross Settlement form you can transfer money from your account to any other account. Let us tell you that RTGS service in SBI works on all days … Read more